We provide neutral scientific information
about how your food is grown.

With the Simpson Centre, I can:

  • Find research that looks at an issue from all different perspectives.
  • Be involved in discussions, projects and events to diagnose problems, brainstorm for solutions, test ideas, and evaluate outcomes.
  • Learn more about how decisions are being made by federal, provincial, and municipal governments to get insights on government responsibilities.
  • Have an impact on food, nutrition, and environment.

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In a digital information age, where the boundary between fact and science is blurred, we’re looking to help foster collaborations based on information that can be trusted.

Our goal is to promote transformative change in Canada’s food system by recognizing the central role of farmers and the people who live and

work on farms. We want to help build a more resilient food system that enables diversity in food-sourcing. The more diversity we can encourage, the more redundancy and fallback options, the more resilient our food system will be. When we include all parties in learning about farming methods and food ingredients, we can build connections to accomplish the increasingly complex goals of a sustainable agriculture and food system.


As a Knowledge Broker, the Simpson Centre aims to:

  • Connect different audiences – by supporting information sharing between previously separated audiences: researchers, industry, government, and public.
  • Improve public understanding of the processes involved in making and providing food, as well as government regulations and infrastructure needed to maintain an inclusive and resilient food system.
  • Host experiments in collaborative policymaking, where people with different perspectives are brought together to negotiate for solutions with the commitment of government to create new policies based on their recommendations.
  • Evaluate our knowledge brokering activities for food and agriculture to encourage feedback and be responsive.


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