Research Hub

We Equip Impact-Focused Researchers with Storytelling and Digital Media Art for Canadian Agriculture

Our activities include:

  • Translating research that informs agricultural practices and policies into “topics” of engaging content for multiple audiences (public & professional).
  • Curating research that fits into our 3 pillars of interest: (1) Agriculture and Society (population health and environment), (2) Agriculture and Economics (sustainable productivity), and (3) Agricultural Literacy (public education and outreach).
  • Engaging in research initiatives with strategic partners.
  • Distributing & sharing information online to promote discussions in social networks.
  • Convening members of different audiences (agricultural industry, public, researchers, and policymakers) into workshops and discussions about sustainable agriculture.


The Simpson Centre for Food and Agricultural Policy is an academic policy institute that supports Canadian agri-food and agriculture, affiliated with the University of Calgary’s School of Public Policy and Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Our aim is to mobilize research for better policymaking and decision-making to realize a more sustainable agricultural industry. Strengthening the sustainability of agri-food and agribusiness means increasing food production to feed a growing global population, while attending to social and health impacts and the natural environment. The Simpson Centre remains neutral throughout its research process and in its research outputs.


THE PROBLEM: Citizens and special interest groups are using digital communications to create knowledge that blurs the boundaries between fact and fiction, information and misinformation.


THE SOLUTION: Reconnect special interest groups, researchers, agricultural and non-agricultural audiences to scientific research for agriculture in ways that are engaging.


Connecting people through information sharing with language that fosters a recognition of common issues. Reconnecting people with tools for decision-making in Canadian agriculture.

Our Impacts

Our goal is to foster transformative change in Canada’s food system by recognizing the central role of farmers in our society and the people who work and live on farms. We want to help build a more resilient food system that enables diversity in food-sourcing. The more diversity we can encourage in the food system, the more redundancy and fallback options, the more resilient our food system will be.




Prospective Research

We are looking for new research findings to disseminate through our HUB for knowledge mobilization on Canadian agriculture. If you have research or an idea for a research project that you think could impact one of our key areas, please fill out this short survey to contact us.

Applications are accepted from academics, private industry and government researchers. (Academic research is produced by faculty members, graduate students, postdoctoral scholars.)


To express an interest in submitting research for dissemination, please contact Guillaume Lhermie, Director of The Simpson Centre: [email protected]


We seek to provide trustworthy information to promote better collaboration and decision-making. Contact us if you would like our help to bring your research to Canada-wide audiences in ways that invite discovery.