The Simpson Centre Carbon Program

The Carbon Program, “CP,” consists of an applied policy research and outreach project aiming at first understanding where the industry baseline is for carbon emissions from various agriculture products, and second, developing policy recommendations to reduce those emissions, with a key part of the Program being the dissemination and outreach aspect of its work.

The Program targets a focused area of research for the Simpson Centre that aligns with our Environment and Climate Change pillar, while honoring the key tenet of sustained economic success in C Canadian agri-food and agri-business. The Carbon Program fills a research niche that currently is sparsely populated in Canada. The first step in CP work will result in an understanding of the agriculture sector’s key environmental practices and impacts; it will also consider specific topics designed to help industry to protect or improve water quality and soil health, and in doing so, reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The second stage of CP work will include in-depth research in policies designed to reduce agriculture emissions, to help position Canada for success in a low-carbon economy, and to best align with continued economic growth and success. In addition, the Carbon Program includes a targeted engagement approach to reach out to stakeholders on various central issues.

The Simpson Centre is delivering the Carbon Program through funding of $1.17 million from Alberta Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Economic Development.

Alberta Agriculture Carbon Dashboard

As part of the Carbon Program, the Simpson Centre has created a user-friendly Dashboard to help Canadians understand their agriculture-sourced GHG emissions.

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