Our Team

G. Kee Jim

Managing Director,
Feedlot Health & GK Jim Group of Companies

Dr. Jim started on a family ranch in B.C.’s central interior. He founded Feedlot Health Management Services in Alberta, with a focus on helping cattle feeders be as efficient and profitable as possible. In addition to Feedlot Health, Dr. Jim has ownership in a number of feedlots and also in cattle themselves. Jim has served on the board of Alberta Livestock Identification Services Ltd, and was a founding board member of the Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency. In addition, He has served with the Canadian Cattle Identification Agency, the Alberta Beef Producers, Alberta Cattle Feeders and Canadian Cattlemen’s Association. Dr. Jim is a recipient of the American Association of Bovine Practitioner’s Practitioner of the Year award, the American Association of Bovine Practitioner’s Beef Award for Excellence in Veterinary Preventative Medicine, the Schering-Plough Animal Health Veterinary Award from the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, and the Canadian Animal Health Institute Leadership Award.