The Future Global Agri-foods Market for Canadian Products: High Tech and High Demand

| 11:00 a.m. – 11:45 a.m. MDT | [email protected]

Canada’s agriculture and agri-foods export growth has been remarkable. Today, Canada’s major markets include India, China, and other countries in SE Asia, with large opportunities for future growth. Canada’s technical expertise has shone – higher crop yields, bigger weight livestock for inputs, zero disturbance seeding, and genome work on crop varieties, all resulting in making Canada a trading nation, exporting significantly above its weight class.

As Canada regroups and aims for a post-COVID economic recovery strategy, it will definitely include agri-foods. Doug Horner has deep experience in agriculture, agri-foods governance and policy, and private company trade expertise. He will be sharing his thoughts with us on the future growth potential of the Asian markets for Canada’s agri-foods products, and what role technology and global exports could play in Canada’s economic recovery post-COVID.