The Simpson Centre

for Food and Agricultural Policy

What is The Simpson Centre?

We are a Canadian agricultural policy research centre focused on socioeconomics, sustainability, and outreach. The Simpson Centre is a locus of Canadian research that strengthens and supports the growth and sustainability of agri-food and agri-business – especially in western Canada.


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SC Annual Report, 2021-2022

Research Areas


Canada is a major exporter of agrifoods, feeding the globe

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Environment & Climate Change

Resilient and responsible agriculture practices to reduce environmental impacts

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Agriculture as a major resource sector

Agriculture is big in Canada, quietly impacting all aspects of our daily lives

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Food & Agriculture Technology

Canada leads the world in ag tech innovation

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Some Canadian agriculture and food stats.

$56 Billion

2017 Canadian agri-food exports


Share of Canada’s agriculture & agri-food GDP made up of crop production


Percent of total ag exports that was canola in 2017, Canada’s biggest agri-food export

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