Our Team

Mojtaba Eslami, Ph.D. candidate, M.B.A, M.Sc, B.Sc

Research Associate, Simpson Centre

E mojtaba.eslami@ucalgary.ca

Mojtaba is currently finishing his Ph.D. in Economics at the University of Calgary, specializing in complex networks analysis. In addition to having an M.B.A  and an M.Sc degree in Finance from the Sharif University of Technology, he also studied Mathematics as well as Biomedical Engineering during his undergraduate years at the AmirKabir University of Technology. Aside from networks analysis, Mojtaba’s empirical and statistical research/work interests include topics in machine learning, neural networks, field and experiment design, and causal inference to problems in policy recommendations and decision makings in the tech industry. He hopes to bring his expertise to the interdisciplinary field of Agri-Tech for improving the efficiency of related markets.