Our Team

Sabrina Gulab, PhD

Postdoctoral Associate

E: [email protected]

Sabrina earned her master’s degree in agriculture economics from The University of Nebraska Lincoln in 2018, followed by her Ph.D. in the same field in 2023. Her academic journey has been defined by a passion for understanding the intersections of economics and agriculture.

With a keen focus on Experimental and Behavioral Economics, Sabrina’s research lies in the areas of Natural Resources Conservation and Management, as well as in the domain of Social Network Economics. Sabrina employs a diverse set of methodological tools in her research, ranging from experimental designs to behavioral economic frameworks, complemented by surveys. This allows her to examine critical issues affecting both consumers and producers in the agricultural sector. During her master’s studies, she examined the perceptions and understanding of U.S. consumers concerning antibiotic risk-reducing practices within the U.S. meat industry. Her findings shed light on the intricate dynamics influencing consumer behaviors and their implications for meat industry practices. For her Ph.D. dissertation, Sabrina investigated the role producers’ social networks and their significant impact on information-seeking behaviors and the likelihood of adoption of new technologies. Beyond her core research areas, Sabrina has a keen interest in the area of decision-making under risk, which she envisions as an integral part of her future research endeavors.