Our Team

Margarita (“Maggie”) Sanguinetti

Research Assistant

E: [email protected]


Margarita joined the Simpson Centre in December 2023 to conduct a review on digital technologies used in agriculture and livestock production by farmers. Concurrently, she is in the final stages of completing her PhD at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Calgary, focusing on disease control strategies for minimizing morbidity and mortality in beef herds.

Margarita has served as a veterinarian specializing in cattle and sheep production within pasture-based systems in Uruguay and Paraguay. Her expertise extends to collaborating on field-controlled trials and protocol elaboration for veterinary pharmaceuticals, product registration of livestock nutritional products, and conducting microbiological and molecular diagnosis and statistical analyses for quality control departments in beef processing plants.

Margarita’s professional pursuits are driven by a passion for systematic reviews in agriculture and epidemiological studies. Her aim is to generate compelling evidence that informs problem-solving approaches and facilitates knowledge translation within her field.