Agriculture and

the Alberta Elections

Monday, May 29, 2023, the Alberta Government held its 31st general election. Albertans across the province headed to the polls to choose their next premier and MLA.

The Simpson Centre is committed to strengthening Canada’s agriculture and agri-foods sectors through research and policy analysis. The provincial election offered an opportunity to provide stakeholders with evidence-based education on how each of the parties’ commitments would affect the agriculture sector.


The Simpson Centre developed 3 reports focused on providing a neutral and evidence-based analysis of each party and their respective election priorities for the future of the ag sector. These reports were intended to be a tool for agricultural organizations and stakeholders to use as a jumping off point for discussions in the lead-up to the Alberta elections.


Report 3 – Agriculture Matters: An Overview of Party Visions just released

This report features a comparison of findings from the first two reports to the party platforms and commitments of each party announced in the lead-up to the elections. This analysis also includes a grade or ranking for each party on their agri-food awareness based on a neutral set of criteria that reflects the priorities of Alberta producers.


Report 2 – Agriculture Matters: Primary Producers’ Voices on Policy in Alberta – read here

This report features survey data from primary producers reflecting their thoughts surrounding climate change, market access, government spending, and public trust. Which specific policy items are priorities for the Alberta Ag sector?


Report 1 – Agriculture Matters: The Role of Political Parties in Shaping Agriculture Policy read here

An historical analysis of agricultural policies in Alberta from 2015 to the present. Looking at the province’s role in agriculture, comparing programs under both NDP and UCP governments. Analysis of key legislation, investments, and statements used to assess how each party used their tenure to shape Alberta agriculture.

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