Agricultural Literacy

This special project with generous funding from the Bank of Montreal aims to draw on multiple sources and perspectives to demystify information about our food system. Discussions around agriculture tend to be mired by controversy, misconception and stereotypes that prevent informed consumer choices and frustrate policy development.

Only by building a more complete picture of real-world agriculture can we achieve the sustainable food systems necessary to enact significant changes in the dietary habits of millions of people. Access to reliable information and data enables individuals to understand issues, think, and act.

Our process

The Simpson Centre, in collaboration with 13 Canadian and U.S. universities, will conduct research and outreach to develop a pragmatic knowledge engagement program. This program aims to foster open and transparent communication with stakeholders.

Across life sciences, social sciences, the humanities, industry experts, and farmers we will bring our expertise to collaboratively interact and work with the public. Recent innovations in social and digital research approaches will help us to engage, explore and clarify information required for social change.

The program aims to connect research, industry, and government audiences with consumers, citizens, indigenous communities, foodies, and food advocates, particularly young adults of voting age.

Desired outcomes

Over five years, we will deliver:

  • Investigation of food-related misinformation on social media platforms.
  • Citizen assemblies, including educational packages, videography and outreach.
  • A targeted communications campaign to actively engage the public with program deliverables.

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